Angel Chatter Academy

Welcome to Angel Chatter Academy.
From the FREE Michael Course to the paid courses. Each one offered is through the insistence of the angels. More importantly, they help to you slough off outdated mindsets while deepening your relationship with the angels and yourself. This combination empowers you to shine more brilliantly in all areas of your life.

We are committed to holding you in a sacred space as you spread your wings. Once you enroll in The BE You Program, you will BE admitted to the exclusive Facebook group. This community meets online twice monthly, helps to hold you accountable, and loves on you all while cheering you on every step of the way. The BE You Program frequently has bonuses, and more modules added at no extra cost.

You have lifetime access to each of the courses you purchase. Therefore, take your time. Permit the information to marinate within you until it becomes a natural extension of your life.

Welcome back to you.


Receive this gift from Christine and Big Mike to implement more spiritual tools while learning a thing or two about this mighty angel of protection.